The new insecticide spirotetramat is a quaternary ketone acid compound, which is a similar compound to the insecticide and acaricide spirodiclofen and spiromesifen of Bayer Company. Spirotetramat has unique action characteristics and is one of the modern insecticides with bidirectional systemic conductivity. The compound can travel up and down throughout the plant, reaching the foliage and bark, thereby controlling pests such as the inner leaves of lettuce and cabbage, and the bark of fruit trees. This unique systemic property protects new stems, leaves and roots, preventing the growth of eggs and larvae of pests. Another feature is its long lasting effect, providing effective control for up to 8 weeks.



Spirotetramat is highly efficient and broad-spectrum, and can effectively control various sucking mouthpart pests, such as aphids, thrips, psyllids, mealybugs, whiteflies and scale insects. The main crops that can be applied include cotton, soybean, citrus, tropical fruit trees, nuts, grapes, hops, potatoes and vegetables. Studies have shown good selectivity against important beneficial insects such as lady beetles, hoverflies and parasitic wasps.


Raw Material, Spirotetramat 96%TC, Spirotetramat 97%TC

Single Formulation, Spirotetramat 22.4%SC,Spirotetramat 30%SC, Spirotetramat 40%SC,Spirotetramat 80%WDG, Spirotetramat 50%WDG


Combine Formulation,

Spirotetramat10%+clothianidin 20%SC,

Use on Pear tree,3500-4500 times liquid spray


Spirotetramat 30%+ivermectin 2%SC

Spirotetramat 25%+deltamethrin 5%SC

Celery 10-12ml/mu spray


Spirotetramat10%+tolfenpyrad 8%SC

Citrus tree 2000-3000 times spray


Post time: Sep-15-2022