The irreplaceable role of DDVP

DDVP has an irreplaceable role in agriculture.

Fumigation of DDVP

DDVP has a strong fumigation ability, and it is very easy to enter the insect’s respiratory system through the air valve and spread to various parts of the insect to cause the death of the insect. With this feature, DDVP has the following usages against aphids, whitefly and other piercing and sucking pests, caterpillars, and jumping beetle pests in agricultural production: foliar spray, poisonous soil method, flying control method, and fumigation method.

Fast insecticidal speed, not limited by temperature

Due to the rapid reproduction speed of agricultural pests, they are often prone to outbreaks, posing a huge threat to agricultural production. The fast killing speed of DDVP can quickly stop pests from feeding and protect crops to the greatest extent.

Many action sites, flexible usage

DDVP has contact and stomach toxicity. It can be flushed with water to control underground pests, mole crickets, grubs, leek maggots, etc.

Fast decomposition speed and short residual period

The safe interval for DDVP in greenhouses is only 3 days, and the safe interval for crops grown in the open air is 7 days.

DDVP insecticide

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Post time: Feb-04-2021