Pesticide Insecticide Abamectin3.6%+Spirodiclofen18%EC for Crops

Short Description:

  • The complex formula Abamectin 3.6% + Spirodiclofen combines two active ingredients, Abamectin and Spirodiclofen, in specific concentrations.
  • Abamectin targets a wide range of pests, including mites, aphids, leafminers, thrips, and certain caterpillars.Spirodiclofen is an active primarily acts as an acaricide, specifically targeting mites.
  • Using a single complex formulation like Abamectin 3.6% + Spirodiclofen reduces the need for separate applications of each component. This can save time, effort, and costs associated with multiple applications and can simplify the pest control process.

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Product Name Abamectin3.6%+Spirodiclofen18%SC
CAS Number 71751-41-2       148477-71-8
Molecular Formula  C48H72O14(B1a)       C21H24Cl2O4
Type  Pesticide Insecticide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
Other Contents  Abamectin3%+Spirodiclofen30%SCAbamectin1%+Spirodiclofen12%SCAbamectin3%+Spirodiclofen15%SC



The advantage of using Abamectin 3.6% + Spirodiclofen as a complex formulation includes:

1. After the two active ingredients are compounded, they have obvious synergistic effect and improve the control effect.
2. There is no cross-resistance between the two active ingredients, so the combination can delay the occurrence and development of resistance.
3. Reduce the use of pesticides, reduce the cost of prevention and control, reduce environmental pollution, and reduce the pressure on the environment.


abamectin and spirodiclofen for crops

tagrget pests of abamectin and spirodiclofen

abamectin complex formula






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