Pesticide Insecticide Lambda‐cyhalothrin2.5%EC for Controlling Insects Pests on Crops

Short Description:

  • Lambda‐cyhalothrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide that is similar to naturally occurring pyrethrin insecticide compounds found in chrysanthemum flowers.
  • Lambda‐cyhalothrin can be used to control a number of insect pests that threaten food crops and public health.

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Product Name  Lambda‐Cyhalothrin2.5%EC
CAS Number  68085-85-8
Molecular Formula  C23H19ClF3NO3
Type  Insecticide for crops
Brand Name  Ageruo
Place of Origin  Hebei,China
Shelf life  2 Years
The complex formula  Profenofos40%+Lambda‐Cyhalothrin4%EC

Thiamethoxam141g/L+Lambda‐Cyhalothrin106G/L SC

Other dosage form  Lambda‐Cyhalothrin5%EC




Using Method

1. To control cotton bollworm and pink bollworm, apply pesticides at the hatching stage of the 2-3 generation eggs, and use 25-60ml of 2.5% EC per mu.
2. Cotton aphids are sprayed during the occurrence period, 10-20ml of 2.5% EC is used per mu, and the dosage of aphids is increased to 20-30ml.
3. Cotton spiders can be controlled by conventional doses, but the effect is unstable. Generally, this drug is not used as acaricide, and it can only be used to kill insects and control mites at the same time.
4. The corn borer is sprayed at the hatching stage of eggs, and sprayed with 2.5% emulsifiable concentrate 5000 times, and the effect is good.
5. For the prevention and control of citrus aphids during the occurrence period, the concentration is 5000-10000 times of 2.5% EC.
6. Spray evenly with 2.5% emulsifiable oil 3000-4000 times on the water during the egg hatching period of the small peach borer.
7. Spray diamondback moth with 2.5% emulsifiable oil 2000-4000 times per acre, this dose can also control cabbage caterpillar


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