Propamocarb Hydrochloride 722g/L SL Propamocarb Fungicide

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Propamocarb Hydrochloride is an oomycete fungicide with low toxicity and systemicity. With the characteristics of flexible application, seedbed irrigation can be used to prevent damping-off and blight at seedling stage; foliar spray is used to prevent downy mildew and blight, etc., both of which have better preventive protection and treatment effects.

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Product Name Propamocarb 722g/L SL
Other Name Propamocarb hydrochloride 722g/L SL
CAS Number 25606-41-1
Molecular Formula C9H21ClN2O2
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 722g/L SL
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 722g/L SL

Use technical requirements

  1. Operate in accordance with the safe use of pesticides, and use the “secondary method” to dilute and dispense. When preparing a liquid, firstly dilute the recommended amount of this product with a small amount of water in a clean container, and then transfer all of it to a sprayer, then make up the amount of water and mix well.
  2. According to the size of the crop, determine the water consumption per mu, prepare the liquid, and spray the plants or leaves evenly.
  3. The application should be foliar spray before or in the early stage of the disease, and it is recommended to apply it every 7-10 days.
  4. Medication method for seedbed irrigation: The seedbed is irrigated at the time of sowing and before the seedlings are transplanted. The amount of liquid medicine per square meter is 2-3 liters, so that the liquid medicine can fully reach the root zone, and the soil is kept moist after watering.
  5. Do not apply on windy days or if it is expected to rain within 1 hour.
  6. Safety interval: 3 days for cucumbers, 4 days for sweet peppers. 7. The maximum number of uses per season: no more than 3 times.

Using Method

Crop names Fungal diseases Dosage Usage method
cucumber downy mildew 900-1500ml/ha spray
sweet pepper blight 1-1.6L/ha spray
cucumber cataplexy 5-8ml/square meter irrigation
cucumber blight 5-8ml/square meter irrigation

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