Ageruo Brassinolide 0.1% SP in Plant Growth Regulator

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  • Brassinolide is commercially available as a plant growth regulator and is applied to plants through foliar sprays or root drenches. It can be used in various crops, including fruits, vegetables, cereals, and ornamental plants. The application rates and timings may vary depending on the crop, growth stage, and specific objectives.
  • Brassinolide helps plants cope with various abiotic stresses, including drought, salinity, extreme temperatures, and heavy metal toxicity. It stimulates the production of stress-responsive proteins and enzymes, improving the plant’s ability to withstand adverse environmental conditions.
  • Brassinolide can be used in combination with other agrochemicals, such as fertilizers, fungicides, and insecticides, to enhance their effectiveness. It can improve nutrient uptake, increase the efficiency of pesticide absorption, and enhance plant defenses against pathogens and pests.

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Natural brassinolide exists in pollen, roots, stems, leaves and seeds of plants, but the content is extremely low. Therefore, using naturally occurring sterol analogs as raw materials, synthetic brassinolide has become the main way to obtain brassinolide.

Brassinolide in Plant Growth Regulator can act in all stages of plant growth and development, not only can promote the vegetative growth of plants, but also facilitate fertilization.

Product Name Brassinolide 0.1% SP
Formulation Brassinolide 0.2% SP, 0.04% SL, 0.004% SL, 90% TC
CAS Number 72962-43-7
Molecular Formula C28H48O6
Type Plant Growth Regulator
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Brassinolide 0.0004% + Ethephon 30% SL
Brassinolide 0.00031% + Gibberellic acid 0.135% + Indol-3-ylacetic acid 0.00052% WP



Brassinolide is widely used and can be used in vegetables, fruit trees, grains and other crops to regulate plant growth.


Roots: radishes, carrots, etc.

Use period: seedling period, fruit root formation period

How to use: spray

Use effect: strong seedlings, disease resistance, stress resistance, straight tuber, thick, smooth skin, improve quality, early maturity, increase yield


Beans: snow peas, carob, peas, etc.

Use period: Seedling stage, blooming stage, pod setting stage

How to use: Add 20 kg of water to each bottle, spray evenly on the leaves

Use effect: increase pod setting rate, early maturity, prolong growth period and harvest period, increase yield, improve stress resistance

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