China High Quality Agrochemicals Emamectin Benzoate 5% EC For Insect Control

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Emamectin Benzoate is an excellent insecticide and acaricide with high efficiency, broad spectrum and long residual effect. It blocks the transmission of motor nerve information of pests and causes body paralysis and death. The mode of action is mainly gastric poison, with contact killing effect, and has no systemic effect on crops. However, it can effectively penetrate into the epidermal tissue of the applied crop, so it has a longer residual effect period. It has extremely high activity against lepidopteran pests such as cotton bollworm, mites, coleopteran and homoptera pests, and is easily degraded in the soil. No residue. It does not pollute the environment, is safe to beneficial insects, natural enemies, humans and livestock within the conventional dosage range, and can be mixed with most pesticides.

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China High Quality Agrochemicals Emamectin Benzoate 5% EC For Insect Control

Shijiazhuang Ageruo Biotech


Active ingredients Emamectin Benzoate 5% EC
CAS Number 155569-91-8;137512-74-4
Molecular Formula C49H75NO13C7H6O2
Classification Insecticide
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 5%
State Liquid
Label Customized

Mode of Action

Emamectin Benzoate can enhance the effects of neurotic substances such as glutamate and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), allowing a large amount of chloride ions to enter nerve cells, causing cell function to be lost and disrupting nerve conduction. The larvae will stop eating immediately after contact, which is irreversible. Paralysis reaches its highest fatality rate within 3-4 days. Because it is closely combined with the soil, does not leach, and does not accumulate in the environment, it can be transferred through Translaminar movement, and is easily absorbed by crops and penetrates into the epidermis, so that the applied crops have long-term residual effects, and the second crop appears after more than 10 days. It has a peak insecticidal mortality rate and is rarely affected by environmental factors such as wind and rain.

Act on these Pests:

Emamectin Benzoate has unparalleled activity against many pests, especially against Lepidoptera and Diptera, such as red-banded leaf rollers, Spodoptera exigua, cotton bollworms, tobacco hornworms, diamondback armyworms, and beetroots. moth, Spodoptera frugiperda, Spodoptera exigua, Cabbage armyworm, Pieris cabbage butterfly, cabbage borer, cabbage striped borer, tomato hornworm, potato beetle, Mexican ladybird, etc. (Beetles are neither Lepidoptera nor Lepidoptera. Diptera).

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Suitable crops:

Cotton, corn, peanuts, tobacco, tea, soybean rice


Emamectin Benzoate is a semi-synthetic biological pesticide. Many pesticides and fungicides are lethal to biological pesticides. It must not be mixed with chlorothalonil, mancozeb, mancozeb and other fungicides. It will affect the efficacy of emamectin benzoate. effect.

Emamectin Benzoate decomposes quickly under the action of strong ultraviolet rays, so after spraying on the leaves, be sure to avoid strong light decomposition and reduce the efficacy. In summer and autumn, spraying must be done before 10 a.m. or after 3 p.m.

The insecticidal activity of Emamectin Benzoate only increases when the temperature is above 22°C, so when the temperature is lower than 22°C, try not to use Emamectin Benzoate to control pests.

Emamectin Benzoate is toxic to bees and highly toxic to fish, so try to avoid applying it during the flowering period of crops, and also avoid contaminating water sources and ponds.

Ready for immediate use and should not be stored for long periods of time. No matter what kind of medicine is mixed, although there is no reaction when it is first mixed, it does not mean that it can be left for a long time, otherwise it will easily produce a slow reaction and gradually reduce the efficacy of the medicine.


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