High Effective Control Apple Red Spider Insecticide Bifenazate 24 SC Liquid

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Bifenazate is a novel acaricide developed by Uni-Royal Chemical Company (Compton Group Company) of the United States. It has a wide control spectrum, is safe, has strong knockdown ability, stable performance, and is not affected by light, heat, etc. It is resistant to rain erosion, has good long-lasting effect, is friendly to beneficial insects and natural enemies, and can quickly reduce the number of harmful mites. It kills both eggs and adult mites, and more thoroughly prevents and controls harmful mites. It is difficult to control such as two-spotted spider mites. The pest mites are more sensitive and have a long lasting effect. They can protect crops from damage for a long time and are very suitable for integrated pest management.

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High Effective Control Apple Red Spider Insecticide Bifenazate 24 Sc Liquid

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Active ingredients Bifenazate 24% Sc
CAS Number 149877-41-8
Molecular Formula C17H20N2O3
Classification pest control
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 24%
State Liquid
Label Customized

Mode of Action

Bifenazate is a new selective foliar spray acaricide. Its mechanism of action is a unique effect on the mitochondrial electron transport chain complex III inhibitor of mites. It is effective against all life stages of mites, has egg-killing activity and knockdown activity against adult mites (48-72 hours), and has a long-lasting effect. The duration of effect is about 14 days, and it is safe for crops within the recommended dosage range. Low risk to parasitic wasps, predatory mites, and lacewings.

Act on these Pests:

Bifenazate is mainly used to control pest mites on citrus, strawberries, apples, peaches, grapes, vegetables, tea, stone fruit trees and other crops.

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Suitable crops:

Bifenazate is a new type of selective foliar acaricide that is not systemic and is mainly used to control active spider mites, but it has an ovicidal effect on other mites, especially two-spotted spider mites. It has good control effects on agricultural pests such as citrus spider mites, rust ticks, yellow spiders, brevis mites, hawthorn spider mites, cinnabar spider mites and two-spotted spider mites.

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Other dosage forms

24% SC,43% SC,50%SC,480G/LSC,50%WP,50%WDG,97%TC,98%TC


(1) When it comes to Bifenazate, many people will confuse it with Bifenthrin. In fact, they are two completely different products. To put it simply: Bifenazate is a specialized acaricide (red spider mite), while Bifenthrin also has It has acaricidal effect, but is mainly used as an insecticide (aphids, bollworms, etc.). For details, you can view >> Bifenthrin: a "little expert" in controlling aphids, red spider mites, and whiteflies, killing the insects in 1 hour.

(2) Bifenazate is not fast-acting and should be used in advance when the insect population base is small. If the nymph population base is large, it needs to be mixed with other fast-acting acaricides; at the same time, since bifenazate does not have systemic properties, in order to ensure the efficacy, it must be applied The medicine should be sprayed evenly and comprehensively as much as possible.

(3) Bifenazate is recommended to be used at intervals of 20 days, and should be applied no more than 4 times per year to a single crop, alternately with other acaricides with mechanisms of action. Do not mix with organophosphorus and carbamate. Note: Bifenazate is highly toxic to fish, so it should be used away from fish ponds and is prohibited from being used in paddy fields.


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