9 Misunderstandings in the Use of Insecticides

9 Misunderstandings in the Use of Insecticides


① To kill the insects, kill them all

Every time we kill insects, we insist on killing and killing the insects. There is a tendency to kill all the insects. In fact, it is completely unnecessary…..General insecticides only need to achieve the ability to lose reproduction and harm the plants. That’s it. All insecticides are more or less toxic to plants at the same time, too much pursuit of killing and killing will often cause drug damage.

② Kill as long as you see the insect

After inspection, it is found that the number of insects has reached the damage threshold and will have a harmful effect on the plant.

③Superstition specific medicine

In fact, the more specific the medicine is, the more harmful it is to the plant. The choice of insecticide only needs to be able to control the damage of the insect to the plant.

④Abusing insecticides

Incorrectly prescribed medicine, abuse of insecticides, often when found to be ineffective, have already lost more than half.

⑤ Only pay attention to adults and ignore eggs

Only pay attention to killing the adults, ignore the eggs, and fail to take precautions when the eggs hatch in large numbers.

⑥ Long-term use of a single insecticide

Long-term use of a single insecticide will make the insects resistant to insecticides. It is best to use several insecticides alternately.

⑦Increase the dosage at will

Failure to follow the instructions in the dosage will increase the insect resistance and easily cause phytotoxicity.

⑧Check immediately after killing the insects

Many medicines will gradually die off and fall off after 2 to 3 days, and the exact effect is generally seen after 3 days.

⑨Not paying attention to water consumption and application time

Different water consumption has a greater impact on the effect of pesticides, especially in the hot and dry seasons, increasing the water consumption, while the application time often determines the effect, especially for pests that come out in the evening.

Post time: Jan-07-2022