Our company personnel go abroad to discuss cooperation matters with customers

Recently, outstanding employees from our factory were fortunate enough to be invited to visit customers abroad to discuss cooperation matters. This trip abroad received blessings and support from many colleagues in the company. With everyone’s expectations, they set off smoothly.

The team on this visit came from our company’s business department. They have many years of work experience, solid professional knowledge, know how to pay attention to customers’ needs and problems, and can personally provide targeted and high-level solutions, which have been recognized and praised by customers. These employees who provide quality services to customers are the pride and honor of our company, and their achievements have been affirmed and recognized by various departments of the company.

During their overseas trips, they carefully understood the needs and problems of customers, took advantage of their technical advantages, and proposed professional solutions from multiple aspects. At the same time, they gave operational suggestions on issues that customers were concerned about. These solutions and suggestions are both innovative and in line with local conditions, and have been highly recognized and praised by customers.

During this visit, our employees not only achieved good results in business, but also achieved significant results in culture and communication. They have appreciated the beauty of the culture between countries from foreign customers, deepened their understanding and communication with each other, and opened up a broader vision. At the same time, they have also felt their own shortcomings, and they will definitely learn more while exploring the market. Do your job well.

Next, our employees will continue to maintain excellent working conditions and make greater efforts to develop and improve the company’s business. I also hope that all colleagues will work together to strive for more opportunities for the company to go global. Let us redouble our efforts, gradually expand the market, and move forward bravely!


Post time: Nov-06-2023