Plant Growth Regulator Mepiquat chloride 96%SP 98%TC for Cotton

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  • Mepiquat chloride is primarily used on cotton crops to inhibit excessive vegetative growth, promote earlier fruiting, and improve overall crop quality.
  • By restricting plant growth and reducing the formation of excessive vegetative tissues, mepiquat chloride helps to channel more resources towards fiber production, resulting in improved fiber quality characteristics.
  • By inhibiting excessive vegetative growth, mepiquat chloride redirects the plant’s energy towards reproductive processes, such as flower production and boll development. This leads to earlier and more abundant fruiting, allowing for a longer period of fiber development and increased yield potential.

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Mepiquat chloride is a plant growth regulator that is commonly used in agriculture to control the growth and development of plants.

Product Name Mepiquat chloride
CAS Number 24307-26-4
Molecular Formula C₇H₁₆NCl
Type Insecticide
Brand Name Ageruo
Place of Origin Hebei,China
Shelf life 2 Years
The mixed formulatiion products Mepiquat chloride97%TC

Mepiquat chloride96%SP

Mepiquat chloride50%TAB

Mepiquat chloride25%SL

Dosage Form mepiquat chloride5%+paclobutrazol25%SC

mepiquat chloride27%+DA-63%SL

mepiquat chloride3%+chlormequat17%SL


Usage on Cotton

Mepiquat chloride97%TC

  • Seed soaking: generally use 1 gram per kilogram of cotton seeds, add 8 kilograms of water, soak the seeds for about 24 hours, remove and dry until the seed coat turns white and sow. If there is no seed soaking experience, it is recommended to spray 0.1-0.3 grams per mu at the seedling stage (2-3 leaf stage), mixed with 15-20 kg of water.

Function: Improve seed vigor, inhibit the elongation of hypogerm, promote the stable growth of seedlings, improve stress resistance, and prevent tall seedlings.

  • Bud stage: Spray with 0.5-1 gram per mu, mixed with 25-30 kg of water.

Function: keep the roots and strengthen the seedlings, directional shaping, and enhance the ability to resist drought and waterlogging.

  • Early flowering stage: 2-3 grams per mu, mixed with 30-40 kg of water and sprayed.

Function: Inhibit the vigorous growth of cotton plants, shape the ideal plant type, optimize the canopy structure, delay the closing of rows to increase the number of high-quality bolls, and simplify the mid-term pruning.

  • Full flowering stage: Spray with 3-4 grams per mu, mixed with 40-50 kg of water.

Effects: Inhibit the growth of invalid branch buds and overgrown teeth in the late stage, prevent corruption and late ripening, increase the grafting of early autumn peaches, and increase the weight of bolls.

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