Quizalofop-p-ethyl 5% EC Herbicide Kill Annual weed

Short Description:

  • Quizalofop-p-ethyl is a selective herbicide that is commonly used to control grassy weeds in crops such as soybeans, corn, cotton, and rice. 
  • It is absorbed by the stems and leaves of weeds, conducts upward and downward bidirectional transmission in the plant body, accumulates at the top and intermediate meristems, inhibits the synthesis of cellular fatty acids, and causes weeds to die.
  • Quizalofop-p-ethyl 5% EC is an emulsifiable concentrate formulation of the selective herbicide Quizalofop-p-ethyl, which is commonly used to control grassy weeds in various crops.

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The 5% concentration indicates that the product contains 5% of the active ingredient, Quizalofop-p-ethyl, dissolved in a solvent mixture along with surfactants and other additives.

The emulsifiable concentrate formulation allows the active ingredient to be easily mixed with water to form a stable emulsion that can be sprayed onto the target plants using a specialized sprayer or applicator.

Product Name Quizalofop-p-ethyl 5% EC
CAS Number 100646-51-3
Molecular Formula C19H17ClN2O4
Brand Name POMAIS
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 5% EC
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 5%EC,12.5%EC,20%EC
The mixed formulation product
  1. quizalofop-P-ethy l6% +fomesafen 16%EC
  2. quizalofop-P-ethyl 5% +fomesafen 25%EC
  3. quizalofop-P-ethyl 5% + benazolin-ethyl 12.5% EC
  4. quizalofop-P-ethyl 2% + benazolin-ethyl 12% EC
  5. quizalofop-P-ethyl 2.5% + benazolin-ethyl 15% EC


Technical requirements for use:

1. This product is a selective post-emergence stem and leaf treatment herbicide. In the early post-emergence period of soybean, the stem and leaf spray of weeds at the 3-5 leaf stage can effectively control various annual grass weeds in summer soybean fields.

2. Rice, wheat, corn, sugarcane and other gramineous crops are sensitive to this product, and should avoid drifting to adjacent crops during application to avoid phytotoxicity.

3. Do not use the medicine on windy days or when it is expected to rain within an hour.





Using Method


Crop names



usage method

5% EC

Rice Fields

Annual weed


Stem and leaf spray


Annual weed


Stem and leaf spray

Summer soybean field

Annual weed


Medicine and Soil Law

Rape field

Annual weed


Stem and leaf spray

Chinese Cabbage Field

Annual weed


Stem and leaf spray


Annual weed


Stem and leaf spray

Watermelon field

Annual weed


Stem and leaf spray






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