Quinclorac 25% SC Selective Herbicide for Preventing Barnyardgrass

Short Description:

Quinclorac is a specific and selective herbicide for controlling barnyardgrass in rice fields. It is a hormone-type quinoline carboxylic acid herbicide. The symptoms of weed poisoning are similar to those of auxins. It is mainly used to control barnyardgrass and has a long pot life. Effective at 1-7 leaf stages. Rice is safe.

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Shijiazhuang Ageruo Biotech



Product Name Quinclorac 25% SC
Other Name Quinclorac 25% SC
CAS Number 84087-01-4
Molecular Formula C10H5Cl2NO2
Application Herbicide
Brand Name Ageruo
Shelf life 2 Years
Purity 25% SC
State Liquid
Label Customized
Formulations 25% 50% 75% WP; 25% 30% SC; 50% 75% WDG; 50% SP
The mixed formulation product Quinclorac 25% +Terbuthylazine 25% WDGQuinclorac 15%+ Atrazine25% SC

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Mode of Action

 Quinclorac is a hormone like herbicide, which can be quickly absorbed by germinating seeds, roots and leaves and has a herbicidal effect. The requirement for soil moisture is not strict, and the effect can be exerted under wet conditions. Effective control of barnyardgrass, but basically ineffective against sedge and broadleaf weeds.

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Quinclorac 25 SC (4)

Using Method

Formulations                                 Crop names Weeds  Dosage usage method
25% SC Rice field Barnyardgrass 1050-1500ml/ha Stem and leaf spray
30% SC Rice field Barnyardgrass 675-1275ml/ha Stem and leaf spray
50% WDG Rice field Barnyardgrass 450-750g/ha Stem and leaf spray
75% WDG Rice field Barnyardgrass 450-600g/ha Stem and leaf spray
Rape field Annual grass weeds 105-195g/ha Stem and leaf spray
50% SP Rice field Barnyardgrass 450-750g/ha Stem and leaf spray


Shijiazhuang Ageruo Biotech (4)

Shijiazhuang Ageruo Biotech (5)

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Quinclorac 25 SC (2)

Shijiazhuang Ageruo Biotech (2)


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